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Health Directorate at Railway Board


Indian Railway Medical Service (IRMS) exists within Indian Railway to perform two important functions.

Medical Treatment of Railway employees & their dependents which include all the aspects of curative, preventive & promotive health care.

Industrial Medicine which includes attending the railway accidents, pre employment & periodic medical examination of the employees, quality control of food & water and complying with the provision of Factories Act & Workmen Compensation Act.

These services to about 125 Railway hospitals with a bed strength of 13,963 beds and 586 Health Units.  These are served by 2506 Medical Officers and 54,337 paramedical staff who attend to about 2,61,47,308 outdoor & 4,84,249 indoor admission cases.

This efficient service to railwaymen costs just Rs. 2160 per beneficiary and is only about 1.7% of the total working expenses.  Also this service has succeeded in containing the mandays lost to about 1.61% which is much less than the international figure of about 3%.

Functions of Medical Department

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