Materials Management

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Railway Board Stores Directorate

Objectives of Materials Management Department

  • Ascertaining the needs of various departments in the matter of Stores and materials.
  • Preparing a correct estimate of the quantities of stores to be purchased or manufactured in Railway workshops each year.
  • Obtaining stores of the desired quality at competitive prices.
  • Ensuring supply of stores in the required quantity in the most efficient, economical and expeditious manner.
  • Maintaining an economic level of investment in inventories.
  • Receipt, inspection, stocking and distribution of stores to the various consuming points as and when required.
  • Identifying and arranging disposal of scrap and other obsolete material within the shortest possible time to the best advantage of the Railway.
  • Developing ancillary industries and indigenous sources of supply to replace imports and
  • Maintaining a constant touch with the market to ensure steady flow of material.

Organisation of Stores Department: The Indian Railways network is owned and  managed by the Central Government. Operations are controlled and directed by the Railway Board under the over-all supervision of the Minister of Railways. The network of Railways is divided into 17 zonal railways each under the control of a General Manager. Each Railway zone is organized on the divisional pattern of working. In addition there are modern Production Units- viz. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan (Electric Locomotives); Integral Coach Factory (Integrated coaches), Chennai; Diesel Locomotive Works (Diesel Locomotives), Varanasi; Rail Wheel Factory, Bengaluru; Diesel loco Modernisation Works, Patiala; Railway Coach Factory, Kapurthala.

IR Annual Statistics and Reports 

Value of Stores Purchased

  1. Stores Transactions
  2. Summary Statement of Stores Transactions

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