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Human Resource Management in Indian Railways is managed by officers of Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS), a Group 'A' service created on 1.1.1976 through a promulgation issued by the President of India. IRPS officers are recruited through the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. In-service Group 'B' personnel officers of IR also have a channel of career progression into IRPS.


IRPS is the only organised Group 'A' service specializing in the Human Resources functions under the Government of India. 


The expertise of the IRPS officers in the HR field in the government sector has been much in demand to the extent that nearly 10% of these officers have been serving on deputation in the other ministries of the Government of India, PSUs, and State Governments. 


IRPS officers manage the entire gamut of HR functions that impact over 1.3 million serving employees and 1.4 million retired employees of Indian Railways. The wide range of functions handled by them include the following:

  • Formulation, Interpretation, Implementation of HR Policies
  • Manpower Planning & Right sizing
  • Recruitment
  • Appointments
  • Background and confidential checks by coordinating with district administration
  • Career records management
  • Employee compensation & employee benefits
  • Career Progression
  • Seniority
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Selections, Assessments, Promotions
  • Training & Development
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Reward & Recognition
  • Monitoring Labour law enforcement
  • Defending establishment court cases
  • Employee Relations
  • Industrial Relations
  • Negotiation with Unions
  • Employee welfare & Staff Benefit Fund
  • Pension & other retirement benefits to retired employees

A bird's eye view of some of these activities is provided in the link given below:

Primer on Personnel Management in Indian Railways

Organisational Structure:
Organisational Structure of Indian Railways
Apex Management

Summary of Key HR Statistics:
Key Statistics 2012-13, 2013-14
Key Personnel Statistics Summary 1980-81 to 2013-14
Key Personnel Statistics 2012-13, 2013-14
Human Resource Costs in Working Expenses 2013-14
Human Resource Costs in Operating Expenses 2013-14: Analysis
Personnel: IR Annual Report & Accounts 2013-14

Manpower Planning & Rightsizing: HR Bench marking
HR Work Study Performance

Welfare & Sports:
Welfare, Development & Empowerment of Women
Facilities Provided to the Differently Abled Persons
Facilities Available to the Differently Abled Persons
Sports in Indian Railways

HR Policy: Personnel & Establishment Rules: Code, Manual, and Circulars
Personnel & Establishment Rules: Pay Commission Circulars
Personnel & Establishment Rules: Manpower Planning Circulars
Personnel & Rules: Manpower Planning Circulars2
Personnel & Establishment Rules: Training Circulars
Conduct Rules
Discipline & Appeal Rules
Staff Welfare (Passes, Staff Benefit Fund, Holiday Homes, Ex-gratia, Pension Adalat, Education)

Detailed HR statistics:
Total Number & Annual Cost of Groups A, B, C and D Staff (Permanent and Temporary, Open line and Construction) employed on 31.03.14

Strength of Indian Railways on 31-3-2014

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