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The Commercial department is responsible for selling Railway services, for creating, designing and developing traffic, for securing and maintaining friendly relations with the travelling and trading customers and public at large, and for cultivating good public relations with them. The fixing of rates, fares and other charges and the correct collection, accountal and remittance of traffic receipts are also among its functions. The overall commercial activities, which are also called as railway business, are of two types – Freight and Coaching. Again, Coaching is divided into two – Passenger and Parcel. Read More

Indian Railways Statistics

Freight Operations

Passenger Revenue Statistics Passengers Originating and Carried, Passenger Kilometres, Average Distance Carried, Average Rate Charged and Earnings by Classes
Goods Revenue Statistics Tonnes Originating, Terminating, Transhipped, Cross and Carried, Net Tonne Kilometres, Average Lead, Average Rate Charged and Earnings by Principal Commodities

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