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  • MassDOT purchases 20 remote-control ballast cars

    Railway Age Apr 22, 2017 | 00:12 am

    MassDOT purchases 20 remote-control ballast cars Written by: Mischa Wanek-Libman, Engineering EditorThe Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) received delivery of 20 new remote-control steel ballast cars in mid April. The MassDOT Rail & Transit Division purchased the cars from FreightCar America and noted the innovative nature of the remote-control[…]

  • Illinois DOT testing Charger locos

    Railway Age Apr 21, 2017 | 18:18 pm

    Illinois DOT testing Charger locos Written by: Stuart Chirls, Senior EditorThe Illinois Department of Transportation announced today that new Siemens SC-44 Charger locomotives have begun testing in Illinois.The testing is expected to last through April 23, with the locomotives expected to go into full-time service[…]

  • Union Pacific to invest millions in Nevada

    Railway Age Apr 21, 2017 | 17:44 pm

    Union Pacific to invest millions in Nevada Written by: Maggie Lancaster, Associate Editor, RT&SUnion Pacific plans to invest approximately $26.8 million in Nevada infrastructure in 2017. The investment is part of . The Class 1 says the investment will fund $22.7 million to maintain railroad track and $1.8 million[…]

  • It’s not Starbucks, but it’s WAY better than Amtrak coffee

    Railway Age Apr 21, 2017 | 04:17 am

    Written by: William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-ChiefI appreciate a good cup of coffee, especially a cappuccino or espresso (please don’t say expresso, especially in a good Italian restaurant). That’s why I have refused to drink Amtrak coffee, which is like ingesting[…]

  • Siemens creating “Internet of Trains”

    Railway Age Apr 21, 2017 | 02:51 am

    Siemens creating “Internet of Trains” Written by: Stuart Chirls, Senior EditorSiemens’ U.S. unit has launched Digital Rail Services, a new business that will use intelligent sensors and advanced software platforms to put intelligence behind billions of data points created on the country’s rail systems.The company[…]

  • Metra seeks easy terms, as many cars and locos “as possible”

    Railway Age Apr 20, 2017 | 22:26 pm

    Metra seeks easy terms, as many cars and locos “as possible” Written by: Stuart Chirls, Senior EditorThe builders’ line forms to the right.Chicago’s Metra is seeking requests for proposals for the design and production of new railcars and locomotives to replace its aging fleet.The agency in a release said it plans[…]

  • Miner hopper outlet gate a popular pick

    Railway Age Apr 20, 2017 | 21:56 pm

    Miner hopper outlet gate a popular pick Written by: Stuart Chirls, Senior EditorMiner Enterprises said that industry adoption of the company's Double Groove pneumatic outlet gate for plastics continues to accelerate, and has been specified on more than 2,400 new railcars in recent months.Recent orders include hopper[…]

  • Improvement seen on CP Q1 results

    Railway Age Apr 20, 2017 | 18:54 pm

    Improvement seen on CP Q1 results Written by: Stuart Chirls, Senior EditorCanadian Pacific Railway announced revenues of $1.19 billion (C$1.6 billion) for the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 1% from the year-ago quarter, and earnings per share of $2.17, down from or $2.60.The railroad’s[…]

  • CSX 1Q financials suggest an upside

    Railway Age Apr 20, 2017 | 17:55 pm

    CSX 1Q financials suggest an upside Written by: William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-ChiefCSX Corp.’s first quarter 2017 non-adjusted net earnings of $362 million and a adjusted operating income of $712 million, yielded net earnings per share of $0.39 up from net earnings of $356 million, or $0.37[…]

  • FRA’s new chief: Check ego at the door

    Railway Age Apr 20, 2017 | 17:03 pm

    Written by: Frank N. Wilner, Contributing EditorAh, to be a public servant fulfilling the boast of Caesar Augustus: “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.” For the incoming Federal Railroad Administrator, it is[…]


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Transportation Science Special Issue on Freight Transportation and Logistics, Part I
Teodor Gabriel Crainic
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 363-365.
Citation | Full Text | PDF (113 KB)


From Single Commodity to Multiattribute Models for Locomotive Optimization: A Comparison of Optimal Integer Programming and Approximate Dynamic Programming
Belgacem Bouzaiene-Ayari, Clark Cheng, Sourav Das, Ricardo Fiorillo, Warren B. Powell
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 366-389.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (874 KB)


Uncertainty in Fleet Renewal: A Case from Maritime Transportation
Giovanni Pantuso, Kjetil Fagerholt, Stein W. Wallace
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 390-407.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (1586 KB)


The Freight Train Routing Problem for Congested Railway Networks with Mixed Traffic
Ralf Borndörfer, Torsten Klug, Thomas Schlechte, Armin Fügenschuh, Thilo Schang, Hanno Schülldorf
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 408-423.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (878 KB)


A Game-Theoretic Approach for Regulating Hazmat Transportation
Lucio Bianco, Massimiliano Caramia, Stefano Giordani, Veronica Piccialli
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 424-438.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (369 KB) | Supplemental


An Integrated Approach to Tactical Transportation Planning in Logistics Networks
Tobias Harks, Felix G. König, Jannik Matuschke, Alexander T. Richter, Jens Schulz
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 439-460.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (458 KB) | Supplemental


Multicommodity vs. Single-Commodity Routing
Claudia Archetti, Ann Melissa Campbell, M. Grazia Speranza
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 461-472.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (314 KB) | Supplemental


Choice-Based Demand Management and Vehicle Routing in E-Fulfillment
Xinan Yang, Arne K. Strauss, Christine S. M. Currie, Richard Eglese
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 473-488.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (394 KB) | Supplemental


A Dynamic Spatial Price Equilibrium Model of Integrated Urban Production-Transportation Operations Considering Freight Delivery Tours
José Holguín-Veras, Ning Xu, Miguel Jaller, John Mitchell
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 489-519.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (626 KB)


Enabling Urban Logistics Services at La Poste through Multi-Echelon Location-Routing
Matthias Winkenbach, Paul R. Kleindorfer, Stefan Spinler
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 520-540.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (476 KB) | Supplemental


The Multicommodity-Ring Location Routing Problem
Paolo Gianessi, Laurent Alfandari, Lucas Létocart, Roberto Wolfler Calvo
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 541-558.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (402 KB) | Supplemental


Modeling Demand Uncertainty in Two-Tier City Logistics Tactical Planning
Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Fausto Errico, Walter Rei, Nicoletta Ricciardi
Transportation Science Volume: 50, Number: 2 (May 2016): 559-578.
Abstract | Enhanced Abstract | PDF (511 KB)

Barriers and Public Policies for Technology Adoption in the EU Railways Sector

V Reis, R Macário - Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016 -
... relationship is based on four nodal points and three connections, as follows: between technologies
and railways stakeholders, between railways stakeholders and ... This paper was sponsored by
TRB committee AR030 Standing Committee on Railroad Operating Technologies. ...

Traqueros: Mexican Railroad Workers in the United States, 1870–1930 by Jeffrey Marcos Garcilazo, and: Railroad Radicals: Gender, Class, and Memory in Cold War …

M Snodgrass - Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the …, 2016 -
... An excellent map in Traqueros illustrates how deeply integrated the “Mexican and Western US
Railroad Network” (19) was by 1920, when Mexico's revolutionary ... The railways' strategic role
in Mexico's export-oriented economy would haunt its workers up to the 1958–59 strikes. ...

A Survey of Wireless Communication Technologies & Their Performance for High SpeedRailways

S Banerjee, H Sharif - Journal of Transportation Technologies, 2016 -
... railroad scenarios, such as our group's test bed in Crete, NE, developed and operated in collabora-
tion with BNSF and support from the Federal Railroad Administration [11]. More recently, ITRI
has been suc- cessful in deploying WIMAX for Taiwan High Speed Railways (THSR ...

High strength, integrally pre-stressed monoblock concrete crosstie with optimal geometry for use in ballasted railways

MJG Romero - US Patent 9,238,891, 2016 - Google Patents
... sleepers) for railroads has become an important priority for the railroad industry and the economic
competitiveness of rail transportation. Increased performance and reduced life cycle costs of
concrete ties are necessary for building durable, sustainable railways, as performance ...


AE Protection, GPO Act, USAMF Act, USCR Act… - bridges -
... Quality Improvement Act (1970), 505 US Federal Clean Air Act (1970), 62, 386, 505, 644 US
Federal Railroad Safety Act (1970), 1 ... Union, 665 International Road Union, 299 International
Tanker Owners Pollution Federation, 280, 281 International Union of Railways, 250 Internet ...

[PDF] Commuter-Style Interurban Railways and Modern Regional Transit: Rise, Fall, and Reuse

JG Allen, HS Levinson - Transportation Research Board 95th Annual …, 2016 -
... Commuter-Style Interurban Railways Allen and Levinson properties, which may be called
commuter-style interurbans, differed from main line railroad commuter services in their history
and more varied rights-of-way and downtown access, but developed similar market functions. ...

Operational Schedule Flexibility and Infrastructure Investment: Capacity Trade-Off on Single-Track Railways

CT Dick, D Mussanov - Transportation Research Record: …, 2016 -
... 71–79. 10. Pouryousef, H., P. Lautala, and T. White. Railroad Capacity Tools and Methodologies
in the US and Europe. Journal of Modern Transportation, Vol. 23, No. 1, 2015, pp. 30–42. 11.
Furtado, FMBAUS and European Freight Railways: The Differ- ences that Matter. ...

The Platform: How Pullman porters used railways to engage in networked journalism

AV Richardson - Journalism Studies, 2016 - Taylor & Francis
... By 1918, as more railroad tracks continued to be laid across the land, telegraph lines often ran
alongside it in an increasingly sophisticated network. Unionized telegraphers were stationed
at depots along the nation's railways, regularly dispatching news and directing train traffic ...

The Ties that Bind: Railroad Gauge Standards and Internal Trade in the 19th Century US

DP Gross - Available at SSRN 2752658, 2016 -
... increased urgency in light of recent and ongoing international efforts to integrate domestic railways
into international networks without standardizing the gauge. ... The paper is organized as follows.
Section 1 reviews US railroad history and the natural experiment ...

Operational Schedule Flexibility and Infrastructure Investment: A Capacity Trade-off on Single-Track Railways

CD Tyler, D Mussanov - Transportation Research Board 95th Annual …, 2016 -
... Bookmark and Share. Title: Operational Schedule Flexibility and Infrastructure Investment: A
Capacity Trade-off on Single-Track Railways. Accession Number: 01584425. ... Abstract: To minimize
costs, railways carefully match route infrastructure investment to projected traffic levels ...

The Resilience of Railways

C Comtois - Sustainable Railway Futures: Issues and …, 2016 -
... There are currently 30 regional and over 500 local railways operating in the United States and
Canada. Third, railroad restructuring prompted a burgeoning market for new railway entities
including terminal and yard operators and train operating companies. ...

Institutional rail reform: The case of Ukrainian Railways

K Grushevska, T Notteboom, A Shkliar - Transport Policy, 2016 - Elsevier
... origin and destinations. The institutional arrangements of these railways have been
largely affected by the shock effect of the Staggers Rail Act of 1980, which
deregulated the American railroad industry. This piece of federal ...

Correlations between rail wear rates and operating conditions in a commercial railroad

JF Santa, A Toro, R Lewis - Tribology International, 2016 - Elsevier
... Wear of railroad systems costs millions of dollars around the world. ... Grinding of rails has been
performed in commercial railways since the 1980s to remove surface defects such as head checks
and corrugations, as well as to preserve the rail's profile [8]. Rail grinding is currently ...

Non-uniformity in braking in coaching and freight stock in Indian Railways and associated causes

KP Vineesh, MRK Vakkalagadda, AK Tripathi… - Engineering Failure …, 2016 - Elsevier
... Volume 59, January 2016, Pages 493–508. Cover image Cover image. Non-uniformity in braking
in coaching and freight stock in Indian Railways and associated causes. ... A large majority of the
trains currently operated by Indian Railways employ pneumatic, tread braking. ...

The City and the Autobahn 1926–56: How Frankfurt am Main Promoted Road Traffic and Realised an Old Dream

R Ruppmann - From Rail to Road and Back Again?: A Century of …, 2016 -
... City and the Autobahn 1926–56: How Frankfurt am Main Promoted Road Traffic and Realised
an Old Dream Reiner Ruppmann Introduction A remarkable number of scholarly studies have
described the changes in urban structures and social life when railways entered cities in ...

Disruption risk management in railroad networks: An optimization-based methodology and a case study

N Azad, E Hassini, M Verma - Transportation Research Part B: …, 2016 - Elsevier
... Volume 85, March 2016, Pages 70–88. Cover image Cover image. Disruption risk
management in railroad networks: An optimization-based methodology and a case study. ...
3. A Methodology for disruption risk management in railroad networks. ...

[HTML] The Models of Management of Railway Companies in the European Union: Holding, the German Experience

V Nikitinas, S Dailydka - Procedia Engineering, 2016 - Elsevier
... [1]; Bitzan, JD 2003. Railroad Costs and Competition: The Implications of Introducing Competition
to Railroad Networks, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 37(2). [2]; Bouf, D. 2005. Vertical
separation, disputes resolution and competition in the railways industry. ...

Track transitions in railways: A review

R Sañudo, L dell'Olio, JA Casado, IA Carrascal… - … and Building Materials, 2016 - Elsevier
... Track transitions in railways: A review. ... To provide an example, in Spain in 2015, 54% of the
investment in infrastructure corresponded to the railways, 5199 million Euros, the rest was
distributed between ports (10%), housing (7%), airports (6%) and roads (23%). ...

Airports and Railways: Facility Location Meets Network Design

A Adamaszek, A Antoniadis… - … Proceedings in Informatics, 2016 -
... components. STACS 2016 Page 4. 6:4 Airports and Railways: Facility Location Meets
Network Design To ... sink. CGND resembles ARF, when instead of a bound on the airport
capacity we have a bound on the railroad capacity. In ...

Y Yue, S Wang, L Zhou, L Tong, MR Saat - Transportation Research Part C: …, 2016Optimizing train stopping patterns and schedules for high-speed passenger rail corridors

... lead to lower fare revenue and a reduction in the total profit to the operator of the railway line ... Hence,
the profit of a rail line or network is expected to have an inverse relationship with the number
of ... k , k ′ , k ″, Train indices, k , k ′ , k ″ ∈ N , where N N is the set of trains, |N|=n ...


Variable and adaptive neighbourhood search algorithms for rail rapid transit timetabling problem

E Hassannayebi, SH Zegordi - Computers & Operations Research, 2015
... variables are the optimal departure times, running times, and dwell times of trains along a
single-way railway line. ... Demand for rail travel in both time and space is variable. ... In this study,
the aim is to optimize the operation of train services through adjustment of the headway times ...


Operational Schedule Flexibility and Infrastructure Investment: A Capacity Trade-off on Single-Track Railways

CD Tyler, D Mussanov - 2016
... However, North American railways use flexible operations where planned train departure times ...
In planning rail line capacity for flexible operations, industry practitioners rarely simultaneously
optimize both schedule flexibility and infrastructure investment for a given ...


[HTML] An uncertain model for RCPSP with solution robustness focusing on logistics projectschedule

H Ke, L Wang, H Huang - International Journal of e-Navigation and Maritime …, 2015
... Robust project scheduling aims to maximize schedule robustness ... As mentioned in Section III,
railway schedule is adopted in the process of generating realized activity starting times ... value,
where p is an extra penalty which appears when project end time in schedule exceeds the ...


Promoting efficient communications for high-speed railway using smart collaborative networking

H Zhang, P Dong, W Quan, B Hu - Wireless Communications, IEEE, 2015
... we investigate the main challenges of wireless communication in high-speed railways and present ...
Enhanced Handover Scheme for Mobile Relays in LTE-A High- Speed Rail Networks,” IEEE ... for
5G C/U Plane Split Heterogeneous Network in High- Speed Railway,” IEEE Trans. ...


[PDF] Optimization and Prediction Approaches for Flexible Routing in Dynamic Environment FMS

JA Qudeiri, U Umer, FA Khadra, HMA Hussein - Manufacturing Science and …, 2015
... The FMS scheduling problem is to find the optimal or near optimal route for each part type to
maximize the throughput of the FMS. ... The GA-PS results were used to train the NN. ... By this way,
a long simulation time required by the simulation can be eliminated. ...


Workforce Management and Scheduling Under Flexible Demand

MC Villarreal, D Goldsman, P Keskinocak - Service Science, 2015
... We also evaluate the robustness of the staff schedule generated by the model under ... Finally, we
present a heuristic to set high-quality staff schedules quickly. ... Keywords: integrated staff and
demand planning and scheduling; healthcare coders scheduling; back-office services ...


Efficient Batch Parallel Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm Based on MapReduce

S Huang, B Wang, Y Chen, G Wang, G Yu - Proceedings of ELM-2015 Volume 1, 2016
... Finally, (4) the generated execution plan is executed to train the models and (5) the actual ... than
that of POS-ELM on one core due to the overhead derived from task scheduling. ... than POS-ELM
for training multiple models for the reason that BPOS-ELM trains multiple models in ...


Mining missing train logs from Smart Card data

YH Min, SJ Ko, KM Kim, SP Hong - Transportation Research Part C: Emerging …, 2016
... Buses and trains are dictated by operation plans, including schedule timetables and headways,
on which each ... only lines and within 45 s for lines operating local and express trains even when ...
In the reliability analysis currently practiced by the city of Seoul, a train is defined to ...


SAP TM: Deliver Fulfillment Across Global Logistics

J Kalaimani - SAP Project Management Pitfalls, 2016
... Due to a growing rail network in the Middle East, the company wanted a robust solution to cater
to its growing transportation needs. ... Railways. ... data in SAP APO with the average time per route
and carrier and then carry out DBTR-based planning, stop the scheduling APO so the ...



The ON-TIME real-time railway traffic management framework: A proof-of-concept using a scalable standardised data communication architecture

E Quaglietta, P Pellegrini, RMP Goverde, T Albrecht… - … Research Part C: Emerging …, 2016
... Dresden, Germany; j Network Optimisation Team, Control Command & Signalling, Network Rail
Ltd, Milton ... and Harker, 1991) describe the implementation on a major US freight railroad of their ...
within the ON-TIME project to standardise the way in which dynamic railway data are ...


[PDF] The Preventive Signaling Maintenance Crew Scheduling Problem for European RailwayTraffic Management system (ERTMS)

S Mohammad Pour, TJR Stidsen, KM Rasmussen - 2015
... Nemani in (Nemani, Bog and Ahuja 2010) studied the curfew planning problem
(CPP) faced by railways for the railway track maintenance. ... Absolute curfew projects
are those that cause complete closure of the rail traffic. ...


[PDF] A perturbative clustering hyper-heuristic framework for the Danish railway system

S Mohammad Pour, KM Rasmussen, EK Burke - 2015
... The rail- way track and signalling system is a complex, highly interdependent system, where
the failure of one part, eg a train signal, can shut ... Section three explains the proposed clustering
hyper-heuristic framework used as region splitter for the Danish railway systems. ...

[HTML] Optimization of Train Operation in Multiple Interstations with Multi-Population Genetic Algorithm

Y Huang, X Ma, S Su, T Tang - Energies, 2015
... to minimize the energy consumption for a train running on an uneven rail with the ... algorithms have
been successfully applied to the studies of the energy-efficient operation of railway trains. ... In
general, the train's energy-efficient operation in subway systems contains two levels. ...


[PDF] Modeling the Multicommodity Multimodal Routing Problem with Schedule-Based Services and Carbon Dioxide Emission Costs

Y Sun, M Lang - Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015
... service with necessary additional pickup and delivery services, or various truck-rail combinations ...
Because the carrying capacities of the block container trains are limited, the routing problem
in ... The commodities that are loaded on a block container train at its loading organization ...


[PDF] Application of Linear Programming in Profit Optimization of Crude Oil Distillation Column of Port Harcourt Refinery, Nigeria

L Popoola, A Susu, A Lateef, A GREMA - IJASM, 2015
... linear programming model for short term scheduling of crude oil using discrete time intervals. ...
optimum of a nonconvex mixed integer nonlinear programming model for the scheduling of crude ...
energy and cleaning for simultaneous cleaning and retrofit of crude preheat train in oil ...


Track Maintenance Between Trains Simulation

C Stenström, U Juntti, A Parida, U Kumar - Current Trends in Reliability, Availability, …, 2016
... In addition, with increasing rail transportation it becomes harder to find time in track for ... This effect
is due to safety regulations governing entrance to and closure of railways. ... D, Kumar U (2013)
Implementation of performance based maintenance contracting in railway industries. ...


Scheduling of Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Tasks Using Train Free Windows

SM Famurewa, A Nissen, U Kumar - Current Trends in Reliability, Availability, …, 2016
... Peng F, Kang S, Li X, Ouyang Y, Somani K, Acharya D (2011) A heuristic approach to the railroad
track maintenance ... Zhang T, Andrews J, Wang R (2013) Optimal scheduling of track maintenance
on a railway network. ... J Rail Transp Plan Manag 3(3):111–123CrossRef. 15. ...


Malfunction in Railway System and Its Effect on Arrival Delay

S Jiang, C Persson - … Trends in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and …, 2016
... more updated and detailed database eg Lupp such that track information for train movement
and ... on computers in railway, Bologne. 2. Sipilä H (2012) Simulation of rail traffic—Applications ...
L, Maróti G, Helmrich MR et al (2008) Stochastic improvement of cyclic railway timetables. ...


A Multi-stage Approach Aimed at Optimizing the Transshipment of Containers in a Maritime Container Terminal

B Melián-Batista, JM Moreno-Vega - … Aided Systems Theory–EUROCAST 2015: 15th …, 2016
... in [3]. The containers in a maritime container terminal arrive by means of container vessels, trucks,
or trains. ... Its goals are assigning and scheduling incoming vessels to berthing positions along
the quay. ... The reason is found in that a bottleneck derived from a poor schedule of its ...


A two-stage stochastic optimization model for the transfer activity choice in metro networks

L Yang, Y Zhang, S Li, Y Gao - Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2015
... Typically, in a large and complex urban rail transit network, optimizing travel choice behavior
is usually regarded ... Illustration of uncertainty associated with running and dwelling times on a
railway link. ... she needs to wait for the following trains in the queue until a train with enough ...


Maintenance Risk Based Inspection Optimization Model in Multi-Component Repaiable System with Economic Failure Interaction

E Rezaei, DM Imani - … Trends in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and …, 2016
... For example, a transformer with few failure will have short inspection intervals time because of
risk existence. ... IJONS/PUB-31/VOL-5/Aug/01 01/2015. 4. Chen S et al (2014) A bi-objective
maintenance scheduling for power feeding substations in electrified railways. ...


[HTML] A reliability-based maintenance technicians' workloads optimisation model with stochastic consideration

DE Ighravwe, SA Oke, KA Adebiyi - Journal of Industrial Engineering International, 2015
... By looking beyond the concept of earned-value of technicians, technicians scheduling analysis
may be ... during normal and overtime periods as well as reduction in maintenance time as a result ...
By the combining experiential knowledge, train- ing and fatigue, the constraint for the ...


Collaborative optimization for train scheduling and train stop planning on high-speed railways

L Yang, J Qi, S Li, Y Gao - Omega, 2015
... [17] investigated a multi-objective train scheduling model on a railroad network which ... In
comparison, the passenger flow in urban rail transit system has a different characteristic, since ...
at any stations if required, and overtaking operations are prohibited on any railway sections. ...


Optimization design of city rail routing

Z Jiang, P Meng, W Yin, Y Li - Sixth International Conference on Electronics and …, 2015
... 1),169-189(2011). [5] Wang YY and Ni SQ, "Optimization of train schedules
of full-length & short-turn operation modes in urban rail transit,"Journal of the
China Railway Society.35 (7), 1-8(2013). [6] Deng LB,Zeng ...


Global Optimization of Open Pit Mining Complexes with Uncertainty

RC Goodfellow, R Dimitrakopoulos - Applied Soft Computing, 2015
... uncertainty can be substantially higher than that of a conventional schedule; this is a ... existing
metaheuristics to the open pit mine design and production scheduling problem [Lamghari ...
consistently demonstrated the ability to optimize large-scale mine production schedules in a ...


[PDF] Railway disruption management

LL Blenkers - 2015
... The algorithms are applied on two real-world cases of the Dutch railways. ... two introduces the
macroscopic model from [20] that will be used for the modelling of a railway network without ... In
chapter four the constraints sets are presented that will model the train movements during ...


[PDF] The effect of geological uncertainty on achieving short-term targets: A quantitative approach using Stochastic process simulation

MS Shishvan, J Benndorf - Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on …, 2015
... The reclaimer and a network of conveyor belts are used for loading lignite into railway wagons ...
Figure 9 –The average ash content in the delivered trains ... Decisions in daily scheduling are
impacted by uncertainties, such as the incomplete knowledge about the deposit, which can ...


Electronic Health Records: Optimizing Communication to Support the Nonverbal Medical Patient With Developmental Disabilities

N Calman, V Little, S Garozzo - … Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, 2015
... needs through Applied Behavioral Analysis or Positive Approaches, often train clinicians to ... by
the nursing staff, who used it for placing orders, scheduling appointments, and ... Health care
administrators also used InstituteLink extensively to schedule appointments and update ...


[PDF] Duelist Algorithm: An Algorithm Inspired by How Duelist Improve Their Capabilities in a Duel

TR Biyanto, HY Fibrianto, G Nugroho, E Listijorini… - arXiv preprint arXiv: …, 2015
... multiple problems starting from process industry, energy management, scheduling, resource
allocation or ... to upgrade their fighting capabilities, meanwhile each champion train the new ...


[PDF] RAM Analysis of Hydraulic System of Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machine

HA Khoshalan, SR Torabi, D Maleki - Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2015
... So a railway network consist- ing of four lines, with overall length of 60 km and 160 stations is
considered. ... The segments are drawn to a loading station via the segment transport table by the
backup train. ... Reliability analysis is one of the best ways for maintenance scheduling. ...


[PDF] Application of the Model Predictive Control with Constraint Tightening for ATO System

L Wang, H Xu, C Zou, G Yang - 2015
... and bulk volume transportation, safe and comfortable riding, the rapid development of High-speed
railway industry is ... like the local to global energy-efficient control strategy with the local steep rail
track in ... Simulation results verify that the train can run in a speed closed to the ATP ...


Use of a quantile regression based echo state network ensemble for construction of prediction Intervals of gas flow in a blast furnace

Z Lv, J Zhao, Y Liu, W Wang - Control Engineering Practice, 2016
... And, a bootstrap based method is then proposed to train the proposed ensemble model ... long
as the accuracy could be quantitatively described, which can guide the energy scheduling works ...
the system status in DR, which makes DR have the potential of short-time memory when ...


Integrated scheduling of rake and stockyard management with ship berthing: a block based evolutionary algorithm

S Pratap, M Kumar B, D Saxena, MK Tiwari - International Journal of Production …, 2015
... algorithms, enumeration, and integer programming for stockpile placement and rail scheduling
by Boland ... a coal supply chain involving decisions pertaining to production planning and train
scheduling has been ... each rake occupies almost entire stretch of that railway track, thus ...


[PDF] Maintenance modelling, simulation and performance assessment for railway asset management

H Shang - 2015
... In the report of Efficiency of Network Rail, the traffic statistics indicates that there are 10 ... China
railways was running over 1,330 pairs of high-speed trains a day on both this ... With the development
of the ERTMS (The European Railway Trains Management System), the concept of ...


Evolutionary computation for resource leveling optimization in project management

C Kyriklidis, G Dounias - Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering, 2015
... prob- 34 lem of resource leveling in projects, also known as 35 time-constrained project
scheduling problem (TCPSP). ... design [56], in passen- 114 ger rail transportation applications
[40], in calibrating 115 rail transit assignment [62], in bus dwell time mod- 116 eling ...


A Constrained Guess-Check Approach for Resource Allocation in the Robot Control System Design

X He, C Zielinski, S Davy, L Shi - … in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots II, 2016
... For example, if the number of each of them is 5, then the number of combinations is more than
\(2.35 \times 10^{87}\). ... (2012). 2. Fuchsberger, M.: Solving the train scheduling problem in a main
station area via a resource constrained space-time integer multi-commodity flow. ...


A simulative approach for evaluating alternative feeding scenarios in a kanban system

F Lolli, R Gamberini, C Giberti, B Rimini, F Bondi - International Journal of Production …, 2015
... Science ®] View all references) propose in their work on joint tow-train routing and scheduling
a taxonomy ... deciding on number and location and assigning line segments; determining the
number of tow-trains per supermarket ... “New Kanban Model for Tow-train Feeding System ...


[HTML] Data driven improvements in public transport: the Dutch example

N van Oort, D Sparing, T Brands, RMP Goverde - Public Transport, 2015
... The performance for heavy railways based on track occupation data is described in (Goverde ...
Goverde RMP, Meng L (2011) Advanced monitoring and management information of railway
operations. J Rail Transp Plan Manag 1(2):69–79CrossRef. Hickman M (2004) Evaluating ...


Optimization of neural networks for precipitation analysis in a humid region to detect drought and wet year alarms

M Valipour - Meteorological Applications, 2015
... and precipitation data related to the output set are used as input with a time delay. ... However,
according to Figure 2, the NARNNX was suitable for limited agricultural schedule, but increasing
the ... Table 1. Obtained results in optimized NARNN for the best values of the number of ...


Discrete Event Simulation Analysis of Product and Process Platforms: A Bridge Construction Case Study

J Larsson, W Lu, J Krantz, T Olofsson - Journal of Construction Engineering and …, 2015
... Because of the complexities and inherent variation, scheduling construction activities can be
extremely challenging, even ... This is repeated until all the activities in the schedule have been
accomplished. ... 30 m and was developed for fast construction over water and railways by a ...


[HTML] Finding Causes of Irregular Headways Integrating Data Mining and AHP

S An, X Zhang, J Wang - ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 2015
... Since the buses travels along fixed routes and only time and bus stations are concerned ... Three
times the standard deviation is recognized as the limiting error for p ( − 3 σ ... For measuring headway
regularity, the schedule adherence index proposed by The Second Edition Transit ...


Cümülön: Matrix-based data analytics in the cloud with spot instances

B Huang, NWD Jarrett, S Babu, S Mukherjee, J Yang - Proceedings of the VLDB …, 2015
... Once Cümülön detects a hit—say during the execution of job jhit—the scheduler stops issuing
new tasks for jhit, and gives a short ... times in Sections 4.3 and 4.4 ... estimate Thit and the cost of
transient nodes, we need a model for predicting the future market price p(t) at time t given ...

Sequencing and Scheduling in Railway Classification Yards

H Li, M Jin, S He - Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting, 2015 -
... Three sequencing decisions are involved in railway classification yards: inspection sequencing,
hump ... Those sequencing decisions are important for smooth and efficient rail yard operations ... This
paper was sponsored by TRB committee AR030 Railroad Operating Technologies ...


Locomotive Scheduling Problem

B Vaidyanathan, RK Ahuja - … Research Applications at Railroads, 2015 - Springer
... Thus, railroads can use the model to determine the relationship between rail freight transport ...
J, Guerin G, Nastansky L (1976) The engine scheduling problem in a railway network. ... Nou A,
Desrosiers J, Soumis F (1997) Weekly locomotive scheduling at Swedish State Railways...


The Need for a Public Policy for the Transportation of Coal: Both Rail and Slurry Pipeline are Required

LJ Rosenberg - Proceedings of the 1983 Academy of Marketing …, 2015 - Springer
... is to supplement petroleum resources, it appears less than prudent to rely on rail as the ... "A
Carbuilder on Deregulation: One Word Says It All, 'Innovate!'," (1981), Railway Age, 18 ... C. Born,
(1980), "Great Train Robbery?" "Frien~ Foes, Clash Over Railroad Deregulation," Barrons ...


Capacity Allocation in Vertically Integrated Railway Systems: A Rubinstein Sequential Bargaining Game Approach

A Talebian, B Zou - Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting, 2015 -
... Capacity Allocation in Vertically Integrated Railway Systems: A Rubinstein Sequential Bargaining
Game Approach. ... This market has specific features: FRR charges PRA a fee for access to the
railroad; on the other hand, FRR compensates PRA for delayed services. ... Rail capacity. ...


A review of key planning and scheduling in the rail industry in Europe and UK

C Turner, A Tiwari, A Starr… - … , Part F: Journal of Rail and …, 2015 -
... Filip et al.72 mentions satellite technology will have a significant impact on the railways, in that ...
As mentioned already railway signalling research has been conducted involving areas such
as satellite ... research is that the real-time loca- tion and monitoring of rail asset condition ...


Crew Scheduling Problem

B Vaidyanathan, RK Ahuja - … Research Applications at Railroads, 2015 - Springer
... Several researchers have worked on airline and passenger rail crew scheduling (for example,
Barnhart et al ... of crews to trains is governed by a variety of Federal Railway Administration (FRA ...
an example of the decision process that needs to be followed by railroad crew planners ...


A mixed integer programming model for optimizing multi-level operations process in railroadyards

T Shi, X Zhou - Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 2015 - Elsevier
... received significant attention by decision makers and operations researchers in the rail industry. ...
Recently, the INFORMS Railway Application Section Problem Solving Competition (RAS, 2013)
further offers ... In a railroad yard, humping jobs and assembling jobs can be viewed as ...


An Alternate Double–Single Track Proposal for High‐Speed Peripheral Railway Lines

E CastilloI Gallego… - … ‐Aided Civil and …, 2015 - Wiley Online Library
... Though most optimization models of train scheduling have a single-objective formulation, the
nature ... used in the complex task of designing this type of railway lines, and (3 ... Section
'APPLICATION TO PALENCIA–SANTANDER', the proposed methodology for a rail network design ...


Methods For Repair And Preventive Maintenance Of Railroad Ties Using UV Curable Polymers

D Delmonico, F Weber - US Patent 20,150,251,215, 2015 -
... a UV curable polymer system on railroad ties in on-site railway repair and ... The maintenance
intervals are dependant on several factors including rail traffic frequency, freight tonnage ... The
extensive network of railways and the increased tonnage the railroads are handling require ...


[HTML] Maintenance Scheduling in Rolling Stock Circulations in Rapid Transit Networks

J Andrés, L CadarsoÁ Marín - Transportation Research Procedia, 2015 - Elsevier
... Integrated Optimization of Rolling Stock Rotations for Intercity Railways. ZIB-Report 12-39.ISSN
1438-0064; Cadarso and Marín, 2010; Cadarso, L., Marín, Á., 2010. ... 5 th Seminar on Railway
Operations Modelling and Analysis Rail Copenhagen, 13-15 May, Tech. Univ. ...


Scheduling tamping operations on railway tracks using mixed integer linear programming

E Gustavsson - EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, 2015 - Springer
... of rail and rapid transit. Ferreira L, Murray MH (1997) Modelling rail track deterioration ... In:
Computers in railways X. The Tenth International Conference, WIT Press, Southampton, pp 217 ...
SMTDA). Quiroga LM, Schnieder E (2012) Monte Carlo simulation of railway track geometry ...


Railroad capacity tools and methodologies in the US and Europe

H PouryousefP Lautala, T White - Journal of Modern Transportation, 2015 - Springer
... American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association, Lanham. 6. Fox J ... 2014)
Capacity modeling guidebook for shared-use passenger and freight rail operations, NCHRP ...
International Union of Railways (UIC), Paris. 8. IMPROVERAIL (2003) IMPROVEd tools for ...


Train design and routing optimization for evaluating criticality of freight railroad infrastructures

AA Khaled, M Jin, DB Clarke, MA Hoque - Transportation Research Part B: …, 2015 - Elsevier
... Railroad operations are highly complex so that real-world problems are large in size (Assad,
1981). ... Freight rail operations often start by developing a blocking plan. ... The system is used for
railway planning under normal conditions without considering congestion. ...


[HTML] A New Approach to Crew Scheduling in Rapid Transit Networks

M Fuentes, L CadarsoÁ Marín - Transportation Research Procedia, 2015 - Elsevier
... Huisman, D., Kroon, LG, Lentink, RM, Vromans, MJCM;1; (2005). Operations Research in
passenger railway transportation. ... Kroon and Fischetti, 2001; Kroon, L., Fischetti, M. (2001). Crew
scheduling for Netherlands railways “destination: customer”. ... Railroad Crew Scheduling...


A fuzzy railroad blocking model with genetic algorithm solution approach for Iranian railways

M Yaghini, M Momeni, M Sarmadi… - Applied Mathematical …, 2015 - Elsevier
... Virtual arcs on the blocking network may not have a direct physical rail link connection [4]. ... Here,
in the railway network, the distance between origin and destination terminals represent
transportation time ... Finally, the proposed model is applied to solve the RBP in Iran Railways...


Network Analysis and Simulation

C Van Dyke, M Meketon, BW Patty - … Research Applications at Railroads, 2015 - Springer
... with which inbound railcars departed on the expected outbound trains when making connections
at rail yards. ... Railways generally accept that capacity limits will cause some traffic to be delayed. ...
In actual railway operations, a number of actions are taken to adjust the train plan to ...


Rapid, robust, distributed evaluation and control of train scheduling on a single line track

C Bersani, S Qiu, R Sacile, M Sallak… - Control Engineering …, 2015 - Elsevier
... ERTMS, European Rail Traffic Management System; ETCS, European Train Control System;
EEU, European Union; EGSM-R, Global System for Mobile communications – Railways... Railway
signalling is a system used to control railway traffic safely, with the fundamental ...


Microscopic Computer-Aided Tools for Automated Railway Traffic Planning

N Bešinović, E Quaglietta, RMP Goverde - … Research Board 94th Annual …, 2015 -
... The application to a large part of the Dutch railway network shows how the ... This paper was
sponsored by TRB committee AR030 Railroad Operating Technologies. ... Operations and Traffic
Management; Planning and Forecasting; Railroads; I72: Traffic and Transport Planning. ...


Car Scheduling/Trip Planning

C Van Dyke, M Meketon - … Operations Research Applications at Railroads, 2015 - Springer
... For example, customers and interchanges to other railways that take place within a yard area
are all ... requirements, and requires good data on the final destination of the cars on the foreign
railway... able to provide a block assignment based on the current location of the rail car in ...


Railroad Interlocking System with Distributed Control

OK Tonguz - US Patent 20,150,142,225, 2015 -
... In this example, the intra-city rail transportation environment (with the interlocking system
described herein) manages traffic control for an underground metro, eg, without ... In this example,
railway 158 includes a railway track that is part of a railway system (eg, a railroad). ...