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The Computerization & Information Systems Directorate of Railway Board is the nodal Directorate for implementation of all projects on Indian Railways, which are charged to planhead Computerisation.

The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) is an Autonomous Organization under the Ministry of Railways. It develops and manages the Information Technology applications of the Indian Railways. CRIS also provides IT applications for non-Railway Government and Public Sector organizations.


Projects in IR

Status of Projects

Passenger Applications:

  • Passenger Reservation System (PRS)- Each day, over 10 lakh passengers are booked at 11,127 PRS counters at 3,107 locations and over 6 lakh passengers through Internet booking. Tickets worth about  Rs 85 crore are sold daily.
  • Enhanced E-Ticketing / NGeT System for Indian Railways-Next Generation E-ticketing System was inaugurated by Hon'ble MR on 13th Aug, 2014.
  • Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS)-Approximately 2 crore passengers are booked daily in the UTS, which covers more than 90% of all unreserved tickets. Tickets worth about Rs 55 crore are sold daily at 10,763 counters at 5,798 locations. Tickets are also issued from more than 1,000 self-service Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) installed in stations with high volumes of ticket sales.
  • National Train Enquiry System (NTES) and Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS)- These applications provide train running information and monitor the coaching stock and running of more than 8,500 passenger-carrying trains daily.
  • IR Portal with Retiring Room booking and Complaint Management System-Almost 39,000 retiring room bookings are being made each month at 75 stations through the Internet and station counters, earning over  Rs 1 crore monthly.
  • Complaints in trains or at stations can also be logged and tracked through the portal. Retiring Room Application is now running at 82 stations.
  • SMS Gateway- More than 1.5 lakh SMSs are being sent daily to passengers to inform them about change in their reservation status.
  • Freight/Operations Applications:
  • Freight Operations Information System (FOIS), Terminal Management System (TMS) and E-Payment- About 2.9 million tonnes of freight are booked daily in FOIS. Nearly 1,600 Railway Receipts (RRs), amounting to about `255 crore, are generated, constituting 99.9% of freight booked; approximately Rs 191 crore (75% of total) is collected through e-payment every day.
  • FOIS Rake Management System (RMS)- About 4,353 rakes are monitored daily through this module. Loads on the run / consignments in transit can be tracked by the customers on FOIS-Web. The Rake Allotment System provides optimum allocation of rakes for efficient freight movement.
  • Control Office Application (COA) and Timetable Management System (Satsang)-About 5,00,000 arrival/ departure events of 14000 trains are recorded each day in 77 control offices through COA. Satsang assists in the preparation of train timetables to optimize running of trains.
  • Crew Management System (CMS)-362 lobbies are provided with CMS. The system serves 47,000 calls daily via SMS, enabling train crews to sign on and sign off at CMS kiosks.
  • Locomotive Management System (LMS for Diesel Locomotives) and SLAM (for Electric Locomotives)-These applications, presently implemented at a few sheds, will ultimately manage the maintenance of over 10,000 locomotives
  • Coaching/Freight Maintenance Management System (CMM/FMM)-These applications, presently implemented at pilot locations, will manage the maintenance of 60,000 coaching vehicles and 2,50,000 wagons. These applications provide convenience and transparency for the Freight Customer. They also ease the work of the Railway staff, improving overall efficiency.
    1. Section controllers – reduced fatigue and stress through COA
    2. Running staff – optimized crew rotation and automatic mileage calculation through CMS
    3. Track maintenance staff – easier maintenance of records through Track Mgt System
    4. Locomotive maintenance staff– information at fingertips through SLAM, LMS
    5. Planners – Rake Allocation System of FOIS assists in optimal allotment of rakes

Other Important Applications:

  • E-Procurement System (EPS) including e-Auction and Reverse Auction- Nearly 15,000 tenders are issued each month through this system. Till date, over 5.67 lakh tenders have been issued. 21,776 vendors are already enrolled. Scrap worth  Rs  4,339.61 crore has been sold through the e-Auction sub-system so far.
  • Parcel Management System (PMS)- Booking, delivery and tracking of parcels is possible through this system, presently covering Delhi – Howrah corridor. This system is being expanded to 200 stations in a phased manner.
  • FOIS Data Warehouse-The Data Warehouse will enable analysis of data from FOIS to assist in strategic decision making.
  • I-PAS (Accounting Management System)-I-PAS is centralized Financial Management software, presently being implemented in phases in Zonal Railways and Production Units.
  • WISE (Workshop Management System)-This system is under implementation in Railway Workshops, to be implemented in 34 workshops.
  • ERP systems in Production Units-ERP system has been implemented in ICF, Chennai.
  • Energy Management System- Part of the UNDP project for Energy Efficiency in Railways, which targets 15% energy saving by 2020.
  • Track Management System-Asset Management, rail and track monitoring and maintenance, ultrasonic testing, track renewal, patrolling, tunnels and bridges are part of this system implemented in 28 divisions.